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Class of '77 Woolston School - Message Archive (Now Closed)

Paul Hixon - 21/01/2009
Yips - looks like I have this site to myself!! Like deja vu:January,and Saints trying to avoid the drop !!

Ray Agius - 30/05/2008
Sorry Steve better luck next year..

Ray Agius - 30/05/2008
Well Colin as they say the rest is history see you again next season!!!!!!!!!

Colin Williams - 02/05/2008
If people still read this site, this is just to apologise in advance for whatever happens [/happened] to Saints on Sunday when you play my adopted team, Sheffield United. There will be at least one Sheffield United supporter in the away end hoping that Saints escape the drop. Good luck.

Paul Hixon - 29/08/2007
Can we bring our own (food) ?!

Steve Cattrall - 24/08/2007
Thoughts anyone?

Garry Gawn - 21/08/2007
28th not a problem if you dont want food chef on holiday

Steve Cattrall - 20/08/2007
Friday 28th September. Anybody else??

Garry Gawn - 20/08/2007
anyone got a date in mind a friday would be best for me

Paul Hixon - 31/07/2007
Happy 30th Anniversary (now past) look forward to re-union : date T.B.A !!

Ray Agius - 22/07/2007
Hi Steve, Set the date then we all turn up he cant get rid of us all then lol. I will try and pop in and see if I can get him to set a date but no promising though.

Steve Cattrall - 17/07/2007
Ray , i am trying but getting the boy gawn to commit to a date is driving me nuts. please feel free to pop in the obelisk and give him a slap!

Ray Agius - 06/07/2007
Come on Steve get your finger out and get a date sorted as you have been promising speak to Garry and book the date. Shame about Leeds mate....

Steve Cattrall - 05/07/2007
I will beat garry to get a date!!

Paul Hixon - 25/06/2007
Steve, not a lot happening ? Any body intouch with Linda Flood/Julie Stone ? Rgds Paul

Steve Cattrall - 17/05/2007
Ray dont suppose you want to talk about footie either!!! Paul,Garry is now the proud landlord of the Obelisk pub,pop in and see him. Watch this space for a date,Garry is going to let us know when the best date for getting the bar to ourselves is. In the meantime can everybody tell all class of 77 people to spread the word and watch this space.

Paul Hixon - 04/05/2007
Steve, I take it Garry has taken up residence in the Obelisk - not some other pub ?! Paul

Ray Agius - 03/05/2007
Hi Steve better not talk footie mate!!!! Just pick a day and lets see who turns up...........

Ray Agius - 03/05/2007
Hi All just to let you know my new email address is now R.AGIUS@sky.com

Steve Cattrall - 01/05/2007
Anyone want to suggest a date now garry is in the pub?

Steve Cattrall - 18/03/2007
Date to be sorted out soon once a couple of things have been sorted out ,(i.e when Garry moves into pub,and when we can confirm when Clive Robinson is away!)

Clive Robinson (2) - 11/03/2007
Hi Steve i might be in outer mongolia for a week on the 25 June. Cheers mate.

Ray Agius - 09/03/2007
Hi Steve, Give a fixed date as this would help in letting all know so just give a date in June/July then we can set things up. Let me know!!!!

Paul Hixon - 09/03/2007
Hi Steve, how about late June - early July this would suit me. regards Paul.

Steve Cattrall - 08/03/2007
Heeeeeeeelllllooooooo, anybody out there????????

Steve Cattrall - 05/03/2007
Hi Everyone Next reunion likely to be in The Obelisk pub in Woolston. Please could i have an idea of the most popular date for it. May i suggest late june early july. Lets have some feedback,and can you all let ex pupils know of this site and to spread the word about the reunion. Ta

Ray - 10/12/02
Hi Rob, thanks for the telephone call great to hear yor voice again. Hope you win the million in Las Vegas. Speak to you soon and as I said 11 hours on a plane for me is to long take care mate.

Chris McRae - 10/12/02
Rob, Great to hear from you, I remember when I returned to Woolston after my spell in darkest Africa, after 4 years away, I was really nervous about joining the school and I was stood outside the classroom waiting to go in and you were sat in the front row, smiling away, you looked pleased to see me (?), and it really put me at ease. I don't expect you to remember! Really envy your lifestyle, California eh? Best wishes :0)

2rrs - 09/12/02 sorry steve got to miss that one shame i was looking forward to walking round freezing cold east horton next year maybe. hi rob good to read of you mate!!

Robert lee - 09/12/02
nice to get a few replies so quick!!!!!! i feel like a kid with a new toy, getting in touch with you lot!! i'm going to have to make this a daily ritual... Paul, i will send you some pics of me and the family in a few days so you can post them and have a good laugh....if any of you come to southern california let me know, i live about 30 miles north of L.A or about 1hr from disneyland. speak to you lot soon and keep me posted on the upcoming parties.......Rob

Ray Agius - 09/12/02
Hi Rob- Long time no hear see you still remember me.Have tried to email you on your address but been returned can you email me your correct email.Still remeber when you cut your knee open at your Nans in Millais Road.The good old days.Hope to hear from you soon--Ray

Mark McDonald - 09/12/02
Hello Rob, good to hear from you again. We had two reunions and a Curry Night this year. Trev Miell in a moment of madness (I think he'd had a few beers!) volunteered to organize the next reunion in 2003. If you get sick of the surfin' beach bum lifestyle out there you can always swap with me and my desk here in Cambridge.

robert lee - 09/12/02
hi, i just found this site and couldnt believe all the old names and faces from the past.Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me especially Ray Agius!!! i am living in California since 1981 but come home at least once a year, and would love to know about any reunions coming up in 2003.hope to hear from you soon.

steve - 08/12/02
so you wont be on the xmas golf do then garry, grrrrr!!!

Cathy - 08/12/02
If any of you brave folks are going to the Bluewater shopping centre for your xmas pressies, feel free to drop by for a cuppa on the way, cant promise any sunshine though!

2rrs- 08/12/02
anyone going to the sunshine over the holiday im off to tenerife myself(:¬]}.

- 06/12/02
Merry Xmas to all of the Class of 77 and a happy new year

- 06/12/0

Mark McDonald - 29/11/02
A terrible gossip? That's libellous! as I was only saying to all my neighbours at home, workmates here and a few passing strangers, I don't gossip at all! You wait til' I see your Mum, you'll be grounded and have to do the washing-up for a week.

Cathy - 28/11/02
Thanks for the kind words,you didnt look so bad yerself. As for sporting moments???? You will have every one talking, especially that Mark McD, he is a terrible gossip! See u at the next occasion.

- 28/11/02
would like to thank all those who attended the curry night on saturday,sorry we lost ray it was good to spend some time talking about old times,Cathy you looked great,it was good to recal some of our sporting moments

eddie - 26/11/02
Hi ray yes i do work from hedge end, but i live in maybush. rain that was not rain even the ducks where wearing wellies that night, look after yourself.

Ray - 26/11/02
Hi Eddie must admit didnt have time to look out of the window for spot the Eddie as It was pouring with rain and Sue told me you worked in Hedge End,would have ben nice to have met you anyway may be next time.

eddie - 25/11/02
ray i guess your spot the eddie out side kuti's did not work, tryed three times but that dame radio would not stop, maybe next time.

Mark McDonald - Worst dancer in chicago rock - 25/11/02
Thanks Mike and Cathy for organizing the Curry Night at Kuti's. I ate and drank way too much and then shook it all about at chicago rock afterwards. A great night!

Ray - 25/11/02
Thanks to Cathy & Mike for the Curry night.Nice to see you all again shame that more didnt attend.Sue thanks for letting me know you all went to Chicago Rock as you all aranged to go to old Haymarket.As I had to move the car went there and no one was there so went home.Must say had a good laugh lets do it again.

sue - 24/11/02
thought the curry night was a success. also had a good time at chicago rock, with mark tanya david and laurence

Cathy - 24/11/02
Thank you to all of you who attended the curry night and made it a success. Daphne, next time stick to the Kormas. Leave the hot stuff to the others!!!

eddie - 24/11/02

steve cattrall - 23/11/02
sorry i cant make the curry night, perhaps a pre xmas drink in town somewhere???

Ray - 23/11/02 Less of the Old!

Ray Agius - 23/11/02
Thanks for letting out the secret.I hope you mean BIRTHDAY.The question is who are you? Any clues.

- - 23/11/02
42 you old git ray

- - 23/11/02
Hey Ray how does it feel to be 42 now still remember your birday after all these years.Thats the only clue you will get.Heres to the next 42 years???

Dave Knight - 23/11/02
Sorry Lad I can't make the curry night(and I do so love curry's) I hope this is the first of many. See you all at the next event hopefully!

steve cattrall - 21/11/02
message to trevor miell, please could you contact me asap mate as i might be able to push some work your way . i lost your card from the last reunion in my drunken stuper!!!!

eddie - 21/11/02
sorry ray not a southampton cab driver i'm an eastleigh cab driver. city cars. never mind if i get a chance i'll pop in on the curry night. ray on your spot the eddie. look forward to see if it works. bye for now

Liz - 20/11/02
Hi everyone sorry will not be able to attend Saturday as away on business until Friday night don't think it will go down to well if I bugger of out Saturday night as well!! Hope you all have a great time look forward to seeing the pics. Herbie so sorry I missed out on seeing you at the last reunion, brother Barry told me all about it and from the photos it looks like everyone had a great. time.

Chris - 20/11/02
Re: the school roll. If you were a late admission, as I was, you were written in at the end of the book. I know 'coz I've seen it!! Hope this helps.

Cathy - 20/11/02
Hi Diane, sorry you cant make the curry night, maybe next time? Hope to see all you Curriers on Sat eve, Paul, luurv the added snow, very festive!!

Mark McDonald - 20/11/02
Hi Diane, thanks looking forward to receiving the R2 pix. As for the school roll call page (earlier query), I don't know why but not everyone was put on it by Woolston in 1973-I have a copy of the original. Eddie Edworthy and Chris McRae are 2 examples of that. I'm sure that there are more lurking around.

Diane Rice-Adams (Dicker) - 19/11/02
I won't be able to make the curry night unfortunately. Hope you all have a good time. If anything gets planned for next year please let me know. Mark, I will send my photos for R2 this week.

eddie - 18/11/02
tanya from my omther kathy at maryfield st marys a big HELLO miss not seeing you around, many thanks for talking to my mother as she was so alone down there.

Ray - 16/11/02
Hi Garry doin all right last time I saw you was at Stubbington.I think we are staying there most of the night Ill send you my mobile number by email so you can check where we are hope to see you.

garry - 16/11/02
are you at the curry house all night or are you moving on elsewhere as i might try to catch up with you after you have eaten. how u doing ray havent bumped into you for a while mate.

eddie - 15/11/02
Hi ray, will try, saturday nights a bit busy for us cab drivers, I'll do my best.

Ray Agius - 15/11/02
Hi Garry with 2 R`s would be nice to see you at the curry nite as you couldnt make the reunion 2. Eddie hope you do come the more the merrier. Hey Mark anything new in the pipe line? No im not volunteering again.

garry - gawny - 14/11/02
keep up the good work paul and mark i have been watching with amused interest as the message page has been developing

eddie - - - 14/11/02
hi ray, going to try and pop in on the curry night, being a cabbie i've got to have something to eat at some point. hi to everyone else

Ray Agius - 14/11/02
Hi All havent been on site for a while nice to see Mr Lawes is still around I must have been his best customer?? I used to knickname him Pixie no offence Mr Lawes hope your Okay. Bye 4 now.

Mark McDonald - 09/11/02
Peter Lawes,nice to hear from you again! Incidentally sorry about that homework being a bit late-25 years and counting. Thanks for the Chabanais pix.

Peter Lawes - 08/11/02
I was really interested to visit this site, and it was quite a surprise to hear my own voice giving out the notices so many years age. I will get in touch again.

Phil Weller - 05/11/02
I'm sure that I've got a dusty recording of a school concert somewhere, although, from memory, you really don't want to hear it! It's far better to remember it fondly than to experience the stark reality! I'll have a look, although I reckon Laurence will have something as well.

Mark McDonald - 05/11/02
If they exist perhaps Lawrence Wade has got some. I'll contact him and get back to you.

Paul - 04/11/02
No recordings of the school choir or orchestra have surfaced yet! I'm sure that some must exist - if any do turn up they will be posted on the audio downloads page...

Joy Drake (nee Knight) - - - 04/11/02
Sorry to be trespassing on your most excellent site (as a class of 78 myself), but I was wondering if anyone has any recordings of the school choir or orchestra?

eddie edworthy - boothy - 01/11/02

- - - 15/10/02
I Think she meant Mark Fitzpatrick?????

Mark McDonald - 15/10/02
Daughter? You said it was a boy last time.For my sanitys sake, one family is enough!

sue rogers - 14/10/02
hi all it was good to meet up again, was weird to see so many faces from the past some have aged some havent, mark you still looked the same (oh by the way you will have to come and meet your daughter. ha ha. tanya you got guts love if you ever need a shoulder to cry on you got my number.(might have to lift me up though). ray as usual you were in demand, see you all soon

Trisha Pearce (Pat Ricketts) - 12/10/02
I just noticed I ve put my wrong e.mail address down all this time soz.

Trisha Pearce (Pat Ricketts)- 10/10/02
Sorry I missed the last reunion it looked like a realy great time.

- - - 09/10/02
Herbie Has anyone ever told you that you look like Right Said Fred??????

Michael Whorley - 01/10/02
After great R2, nice to see messages of support for the proposed curry night, so come on, get those pledges in to me or cathy. Thanks.

- - - 01/10/02
She lives in Bishopstoke and is married with 2 kids. Haven't seen her for ages now.

Clive - - - 01/10/02
Does anybody ever see or hear from Linda Pearce. I would like to catch up with her one day.

- - - 30/09/02
Diane Rice-Adams (Dicker) - 30/09/02
I had a great time on Sat. Haven't laughed so much in ages,especially with the handbags in the middle. Tanya you are great and I wish you all the luck in the world next year. It was lovely to see the people that didn't make Chicago Rock in May. Clive you haven't aged a bit,Herbie glad to see you are as mad as ever and as for Trevor! Steve, come back and bank at Thornhill Park PO we are much nicer than Sholing! Looking forward to the photos

Lorna Grant (Nee) Brown - 29/09/02
A big thank you your mate for letting us have such a great time, Ray, Was a great night for all so a big thank you to all who made it poss.

judith mills - 29/09/02
Hi, it was nice to see everyone again, thought the girls aged better than the boys, where has all the hair gone Herbie? Had a great night, see you all at the next one, whos feet were aching?thanks for organising reunion 2. keep in touch

Ray Agius - 29/09/02
Thanks to Christine for my famous school report gosh was I well behaved. The comments from Miss Turner R.E. Lazy!!! I think that just summed me up. Must have been those invicible nickers she wore just didn`t do anything for me any way what was the point of R.E. Any chance of a copy of my School leaving report Christine? lovely to see you all again shame about the ones who didn`t show. Let hope we all go to the Curry Night planned ? Mike & Cathy I hope you can find a place big enough. Lets make an effort to get more people to attend the Curry night and have a great Laugh. As in the other comments Garry Gawn where were you? Thanks again for a great night all of you.

Mark McDonald - 29/09/02
Many thanks to Ray Agius, Cathy Sarrazin and Mike Whorley for organizing Reunion II. I had a great time and it was good to see so many 'new' faces. Please send me or Paul Luxford your photos (SAE reqd) for scanning onto the website; Mary G don't forget to send your new email address! Thanks

Clive - 29/09/02
Just got home from the reunion.Had a great time. Glad to see that I am not the only one who has put on a few pounds and lost a few hairs! Thanks to all those who organised the event. PS. To the girl with the sexy eyes - Womanhood suits you!

Anon - 24/09/02
The Big Night is coming lets see load of you there!!!!!!

Trisha Pearce (Pat Ricketts) - 21/09/02
Sorry cant make the 28th thats the same day as my sons 18 birthday. hope everyone enjuoys them selves

Anon - 18/09/02
The Reunion Night is geeting Closer cant wait to see all those old friends again!!!!

karen - 13/09/02
just discovered web site.excited about reunion.Hi clive still up for it I hope.xx

Ray Agius - 09/09/02
Fame at Last page 15 of Daily Echo 9th Sept 02.

steve cattrall - 05/09/02
would all people going to the forthcoming reunion in sept, refrain from buying garry gawn any alcoholic drinks , as he struggles with his alcohol problem. as a friend i am willing to accept all drinks on his behalf. your help is appriciated

Ray Agius - 02/09/02
Condolences go out to Judith Mills and her family after the sad passing away of school friend David Mills on 29th August 02.

Diane Rice-Adams - 31/08/02
Really sorry about Miss Harris.Always thought she was an ogre til I had her for Sociology, then realised she was a great teacher.

Diane Rice-Adams (Dicker) - 31/08/02
I remember you Trevor from 10 years ago, your opening line to me was "How's your sex life?" and you were so quiet at school!

Ray Agius - 29/08/02
One thing you can say she left her mark on all of us in one way or another.

trevor miell - 29/08/02
sorry to hear about mrs harris all that knowledge now gone.

steve cattrall - 25/08/02
looking foward to the reunion in sept,this time iwill make it! if any of you have read garry gawns message on this web page , i would like to put a few things straight.i did tell him of the reunion when i played golf with him, but after years of alcahol a

Clive Robinson - 24/08/02
Interesting to see "Clive Robinson" on the School Roll Call, but if you recall there were actually 2 of us. Which one am I??!!??

trev padwick - 11/07/02
still alive and kicking.living in perth w australia.in answer to your question mark married debbie phillips and lives in west end

David Knight - 02/07/02
Sorry I could not make the last reunion. I hope to come to the next one.

Daphne Barrett (nee Jackson) - 02/07/02
Hi Everybody, Great to see everybody again at the reunion. Lorna Brown, Caroline Martin and Diane Dicker are all still as I remembered them! I meet Julie Baxter on the bus sometimes (tonight in fact - hence this message).

GARRY GAWN - 01/07/02

Sue Spicer (Agassiz) - 17/06/02
Congrats and well done on a brilliant night and website! Mark and Paul have done us proud.Here's to the next one in the very near future.(can't boogie with zimma frames!)Photo's on the way soon i promise! Thanks again it was GREAT to see everyone again.

Angie Mote (Munns) - 28/05/02
Sorry I missed the evening, was away camping. Will dig out some group pictures

Kim Dewey(Littlefield) - 27/05/02
Thanks for a great evening, really lovely to see everybody. hope to see you all again at the next one, well done mark.

Gill Knight - 24/05/02
Thanks Mark for arranging a brilliant night. It was good to see so many of the 'old' crowd! We'll leave the next one to you as well! pics will be on their way eventually.... Good website Paul


mary griffiths - 19/05/02
it was great seeing everyone again- we must do it again soon! will send in some photo's asap love to everyone

michael whorley - 18/05/02
Thanks Mark - Great reunion. Excellent pictures. Another reunion please (sooner rather than later!)

michael whorley - 18/05/02
thanks for a great evening it sure was good to see everyone after all these years hope we dont have to wait to long for the next one

sue rogers - 18/05/02
thanks for a great evening it sure was good to see everyone after all these years hope we dont have to wait to long for the next one

Lorna Grant (Brown) - 17/05/02
To all you gals and guys to thank you for a very special evening. Hope to do something similar again oneday. In the meantime-take care, I'm not expecting to wait another 25 years before we all meet again! ps Anyone remember asking me if I was Mauree

Julie Baxter - 17/05/02
Thanks for a great evening Mark. It was good to meet up with some familar faces from the past. Hope we have another reunion soon.

julie harris - 17/05/02
It was agreat night I think we'd all aged really well!! Must have been the good grounding at school. Phil I still can't believe Mr Hill was only in his twenties when he was teaching us. Here's to the next one.

Colin Williams - 16/05/02
Nice to see that on Paul Luxford's photo page I remainthe only one forever 15 years old! Sorry I could not make the reunion. I hope to do so in future years if anybody decides to organise one. From dank and dark Sheffield....

Phil Weller - 16/05/02
Well done Mark/Mac/Hey You! & Paul! It was 'interesting' to see so many old faces (no pun intended) after 25 years. If anyone speaks to Jim West, tell him to check his e-mails once in a while! Unless of course he's ignoring me - I guess it is possible...

Ray Agius - 16/05/02
Great to see all of you again cant wait for the next reunion (not so long though). Well done Mark Mac for all you done to organise it. Well done Paul for the pictures.

Diane Rice-Adams - 15/05/02
Thanks for a great evening, can't wait for the next one. The photos are terrific a brilliant momento.

Paul Luxford - 14/05/02
Well done Mac for organising such a great event!