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Class of '77 Woolston School - Rogues Gallery

Cathy Sarazzin

Here's 11 year old Cathy Sarazzin modeling her new 'smart but casual' green jumper.

Laurence Wade & Maggie

Laurence Wade - 10th June 1989 on his wedding day to Maggie...

Paul Luxford

Paul Luxford - 1980ish Middlesex Poly SU bar (another bad hair day)

Woolston School Choir 1975

Left to Right: Suzanne Davage (1), Mandy Callaway (6), Anita Moger (7), Elaine Cappelman (9), Joanne Murray (10)
2nd row: Terry Pointer (1), Angela Goff (2), Kirsten Bamber (3), Lorna Brown (4) 3rd row: Lawrence Wade (8)
4th row: Ray Turner (4), Stephen Tee (5), Kevin Hatcher (7), Barry Pointer (8), Jim West (11), Michael Whorley (12)
Extreme back row: Gareth Adams (1), Angela Barker (2), Eric Bailey (3), Martin Hill (4), Peter Gambi (5)

Lorna Brown

These two pictures were sent in by Lorna Brown. Pictured above is Mr Jones who gave her the cane for fighting with Judith Pottinger in the library...

Lorna Brown

...and a pic of Timothy Barratt from a French trip during Lorna's time at Ludlow School.

Mike Whorley

Mike Whorley Ludlow Infants

Mike Whorley

Mike again, taken in dapper school uniform

Angela Munns

This photo was supplied by Angela Munns - it was taken on the last day of school June 1977.
Left to Right back row: Linda Pearce, Angela Munns, Karen Foley, Giselle Shepherd, Amanda Wilkins, Linda Flood.
Left to Right Front row: Catherine Sarrazzin, Kim Lickfold and Julie Stone.

Mark McDonald

Mark McDonald aged 5 about to leave on first day at school at Hamble infants.

Mark McDonald and sister Shareen

Mark McDonald and sister Shareen.

Jimmy, Colin and Graham

Jimmy, Colin and Graham (still fairly sober!) Chabanais - France

Paul Luxford

Paul Luxford

Mark McDonald aged 12

Mark McDonald aged 12

Mark McDonald

Taken at Kanes Hill Primary, Thornhill aged 7

Mark McDonald

Mark aged 5

Eddie Edworthy

Eddie Edworthy circa 1973

1971 - Le Havre

Diane Dicker (L), Suzanne Davidge (T), Karen Greenaway (B), Pat Ricketts (R)
1971 - Le Havre

Caroline Martin

Caroline Martin
Le Havre - 1971

Caroline Martin and Judith Mills

Caroline Martin & Judith Mills

Caroline Martin and Diane Dicker

Caroline Martin & Diane Dicker

Ray Agius

Charlie Marchant, Wayne Moorman, Ray Agius, Glen Masterton, Dave Small, Kev Riggs, Paul Weeks - Ray receiving Player of the Year trophy from then Saints Centre Half Paul Bennett.

Ray Agius, Wayne Moorman

Ray Agius, Wayne Moorman

Charlie Marchant

Ray Agius, Wayne Moorman, Dave Small, Paul Weeks, Charlie Marchant, Glen Masterton, Kev Riggs

Ann Rogers, Phil Sherman, Kim Littlefield, Chris Barnes, Joanne Bradford

Ann Rogers, Phil Sherman, Kim Littlefield, Chris Barnes and the one and only Joanne Bradford!

David Harper

Dave 'Peanut' Harper
(practicing his gravity defying teapot impersonation)

Dave Harper, Lorna Brown

Dave Harper, Lorna Brown

Caroline Leggatt, Mandy Biddlecombe<

Caroline Leggatt, Mandy Biddlecombe

Mandy Wilkins - FA Cup 1976

Mandy Wilkins with the actual FA Cup in 1976

2003 FA Cup Final Tickets

Ray's FA Cup Final Tickets

Ray Agius Trophy

"Just to let you Know I haven't retired from Footie yet - we won the Trophyman Cup and man did I score a goal out of the archives." Ray.

Chris Docherty and Clive Robinson

Chris Docherty and 'the other' Clive Robinson at the Archery Grounds' swings.


'The Bench' on a ferry going to France from Left to Right Standing: Malc Spencer, Ray Agius, Paul Weeks Crouching: Paul (Willie) Orman, Garry 2Rs Gawn

Woolston School production

Charlston dancers from a Woolston School production called 'A History of the Dance' (1976ish)

Phil Goad and Mr Soo

Picture from about 1975/76 and shows Phil Goad and Mr Soo (both teachers) on a field trip somewhere.

Ray Agius

Ray Agius has sent in this photo of his City Bus team winning the Pentalever Cup at Vospers sports ground - their first cup in 18 years. Ray was pulled out of retirement to lead the team to victory - not bad for a 41 year old geriatric!